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WT-973 Carburetor + Tune Up Kit Air Filter for MTD Remington RM2510 RM2520 RM2560 RM2570 RM2599 Murray M2500 M2510 M2550 H2500 String Trimmer Brushcutter

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Used on the following Remington String Trimmers
RM2510 41AD110G883
RM2510 41AD110G983
RM2510 41CD110G983
RM2510 41DD110G983
RM2510 41ED110G983
RM2520 41ADZ20C983
RM2520 41BDZ20C983
RM2520 41CDZ20C983
RM2560 41AD160G883
RM2560 41AD160G983
RM2560 41BD160G983
RM2560 41CD160G983
RM2560 41DD160G983
RM2560 41ED160G983
RM2570 41ADZ22C983
RM2570 41BDZ22C983
RM2570 41CDZ22C983
RM2599 41ADPS1C983
RM2599 41BDPS1C983

M2500 41ADZ01C758
M2510 41ADZ03C758
M2500 41BDZ01C758
M2510 41BDZ03C758
M2510 41CDZ03C758
M2510 41DDZ03C758
M2510 41EDZ03C758
M2550 41ADZ20C758
H2500 41ADZ01C735
H2500 41BDZ01C735
H2500 41CDZ01C735

Package include:
1 carburetor
2 gasket
2 air filter
2 primer bulb
2 fuel line
2 fuel filter
1 spark plug

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