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Pack of 10 1/4" Inline Fuel Cut Off Shut Off Valve for 493960 494768 698183 Oregon 07-406 Compatible with John Deere AM36141 AM107340 Toro 54-3150 1-603770

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Fits 1/4" ID Fuel Line
Repalcement manufacturer part number 494768 ,493960 ,698183,698181,697947,5019H,5019K
Package include: 5pcs shut off valve, 10pcs clamp
At the end of the lawn mower season if your lawmnower has a shut-off valve on the fuel line, turn off the valve and run the engine until it quits. This will assure all the fuel is used up in the carburetor before storing. If the lawnmower has no shut off valve on the fuel line, consider installing one, otherwise drain the tank and run the engine until it uses all the fuel before storing. Also use a shut off valve as a safety feature during the season when storing equipment in a garage or storage building between mowings. It helps with fuel leaks due to a bad needle valve or leaking carburetor.

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