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RB-29 Carburetor Rebuild Kit for Zama C1U Series Homelite Ryobi A03979 Carb Gasket Diaphragm String Trimmer Blower

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Fits the following Homelite string trimmer / blower

GST UT-20593 UT-20593-A
GST18 UT-20593-B
GSTBC UT-15084, -A, -B
HB180 Blower UT-08007
HB180V Blower UT-08008
HBC18 UT-15075-1 UT-15075-A
HBC30 UT-15071-1 UT-15071-A HBC30 UT-15085-A, -B, -C
HBC30B UT-15086-A -B -C
HGT UT-20583 -A -B
HLT15 UT-20602
HLT16 UT-20585-1
HLT17C UT-20586-A UT-20596-A UT-20596-B
HLT18 UT-20584-1
HLT28 UT-20595-2, -3, -A
HT17 UT-18007
HT19 UT-18023
HT21 UT-18011
HX16 UT-18022
ST145 UT-20556, -A, -B
ST145 UT-20582
ST145 UT-20592 UT-20592-A
ST155 UT-20539, -A, -B, -C, -D
ST155 UT-20544-A, -B, -C
ST155 UT-20563, -A, -B
ST155 UT-20565
ST155 UT-20573
ST175 UT-20541, -A, -B
ST175 UT-20545, -A, -B
ST175 UT-20566
ST175 UT-20590
ST175BC UT-20553-C
ST175BC UT-20597
ST175C UT-20553 UT-20553-A
ST175C UT-20554 UT-20554-A
ST175C UT-20564 UT-20564-A
ST175C UT-20599-A UT-20599-B
ST175G UT-20590-A UT-20590-B
ST185 UT-15039, -A, -B
ST185 UT-15044 UT-15044-1A
ST185 UT-15060
ST185 UT-15079
ST185BC UT-15039-C, -D
ST185C UT-15041, -B
ST275 UT-20594, -1, -1A, -2, -2A
ST285 UT-20542, -A, -B
ST285 UT-20546-A, -B
ST285 UT-20567
ST285 UT-20576
ST285 UT-20581, -1, -2
ST285 UT-20581-A, -B
ST285BC UT-20581-3 UT-20581-C UT-20598-1
ST385 UT-15045 UT-15045-2A
ST385 UT-15059 UT-15059-A
ST385 UT-15061 UT-15061-A
ST385 UT-15070
ST385 UT-15078
ST385 UT-15088-A UT-15088-B
ST385BC UT-15040, -1, -A, -B, -C, -D, -E
ST385BC UT-15059-B
ST385C UT-15042, -A, -B, -C, -D, -E
ST485 UT-15047, -A, -B
ST485 UT-15048
ST485 UT-15050-1
ST485 UT-15063 UT-15063-A
SX135 UT-20601

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