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13031054130 Air Filter with Spark Plug Primer Bulb Fuel Filter for Echo HC160 HC200 HC225 HC1600 PB250 PE230 PE231 PPF210 SRM210 SRM211 Gas Trimmer

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Compatible with the following ECHO models:
GT200, GT2000SB, GT2000EZR, GT2000R, GT200EZR, GT200i
GT200i/EZR, GT200R, GT201R, GT201EZR, GT201i
GT225, GT225i, GT230, GT231, GT2400, GT251, GT251E
HC150, HC151, HC150i, 151i, HC152, HC155, HC1500
HC160, HC1600, HC161, HC165, HC180, HC181, HC185
HC200, HC2000, HC201, HC225, HC230, HC231, HC233 HC234, HC235
HC2400 HC2410, HC245, HCA265, HCR150, HCR1500, HCR151
PAS2000, PAS2100, PAS211, PAS225, PAS230, PAS231
PAS265, PB200, PB201, PB2100, PE200, PE200 PE201, PE2000, PE225
PE230, PE230/231, PE231, PE265, PE265S, PPF210, PPF210/211
PPF2100, PPF211, PPF2110, PPF225, PPFD2400, PPSR2122, PPSR2433
PPT2100, PPT230, PPT231, PPT265, PPT265S, SHC1700, SHC210
SHC210/211, SHC2100, SHC211, SHC212, SHC225, SHC225S, SHC265
SRM210, SRM210/SB, SRM2100/SB, SRM210i, SRM210SB, SRM210U
SRM211SB, SRM2110, SRM211i, SRM211U, SRM225, SRM225i
SRM225SB, SRM225U, SRM230, SRM230S, SRM230U, SRM231, SRM231S,SRM231U
SRM251, SRM251E, SRM265, SRM265S, SRM265T, SRM265U
TC210, TC210i, EDR260, ES2000, ES210, ES210/211, ES2100, ES211, ES2400

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