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791-182353 Fuel Line Kit for MTD Troy-Bilt TB144 TB26CO TB26TB TB415CS TB425CS TB465SS TB475SS TB490BC Yard Man YM141 YM21SS YM26BC YM26CO YM26CS YM260CS Trimmer with Primer Bulb Tune Up Kit

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Fits the following models:

TB144 21AA144R966 21AT144R766 21BA144R966
TB26CO 41AD26OG966
TB26TB 41ADT2BC066 41ADT2BC966
TB415CS 41ADT41C711 41BDT41G966 41ADT41C966
TB425CS 41ADT42C063 41ADT42C711 41ADT42C766 41ADT42C966
TB465SS 41ADT46C711 41ADT46C966
TB475SS 41ADT47C063 41ADT47C711 41ADT47C766 41ADT47C966 41BDT47C063
TB490BC 41ADT49C063 41ADT49C711 41ADT49C966 41BDT49C063 41BDT49C966

510r 21AK510G034 21BK515G034
650r 41AN650G034
825r 41AD825A034 41AD825A734 41CD825A034
875r 41AD875A034 41AD875A734 41BD875A034 41CD875A034
890r 41AD890A034 41AD890A734 41BD890A034 41CD890A034 41CD890G034

BL26BC 41AD26BC965
BL26CO 41AD02OG965 41AD26OG965
BL26SS 41AD26SC965

MP425 41AD425C095 41BD425C995
MP426CS 41AD426G995
MP475 41AD475C095

Y26CO 41AD26OG900
Y26SS 41AD26SC900
YM141 21A-141R901
YM21SS 41AD26SC701
YM260CO 41AD26OG701
YM26BC 41AD26BC401 41AD26BC701 41AD26BC901
YM26CO 41AD26OG401 41AD26OG901
YM26CS 41AD26CC401 41AD26CC701 41AD26CC901 41AD26SC401 41AD26SC901

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