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753-05133 Carburetor with Gasket for MTD Troy-Bilt TB10CS TB20CS TB20DC TB310QS TB320BV TB65SS TB70FH TB70SS TB90BC MS2550SE MS2560SE WH25CS WH80BC Y780 YM20CS Gas Trimmer

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Compatible with the following models

TB10CS 41CDT10G966
TB20CS 41CDT20C966
TB20DC 41ADT20C966
TB320BV 41CS320G966 41DS320G966
TB65SS 41CDT65G966 41DDT65G966
TB70FH 41AD70FC966
TB70SS 41ADT70C966 41BDT70C711 41CDT70C966 41DDT70C966
TB90BC 41BDT90C711 41BDT90C966

MS2550SE 41ADZ33C768
MS2560SE 41ADZ34C768

White Outdoor
WH25CS 41ADW25C990 WH80BC 41ADW80G990

Yard Machines / Yard Man
Y780 41AD78BG900
YM20CS 41ADY20C901 41BDY20C901

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