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About us

We are focusing on global cross-border B2C e-commerce, and are committed to bringing cost-effective, high-quality Chinese products, efficient supply chains and first-class customer service to the world.

We strictly select suppliers. We have been operating in the e-commerce field for more than 15 years, and we have accumulated abundant supply chain resources. Their products mainly come from a reliable product supplier network in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta of China to ensure that they can provide the highest quality products.

We provide products at reasonable prices, We rely on an efficient supply chain to source products directly from manufacturers, thus eliminating any middlemen. So that we can provide you with ultra-low prices.

We work closely with many high-quality Chinese brands and are able to provide a variety of high-quality products in many categories.

We have multiple overseas warehouses in many places around the world. The warehouse network allows you to experience the online shopping experience of quickly receiving goods which almost the same as local ordering.

We have a fast and convenient logistics system, and we have established partnerships with many professional international transportation companies, which can provide fast and convenient door-to-door delivery services for most countries/regions.

We use a secure payment method. We use Paypal, the world's largest payment service provider, as the main payment method to ensure that your payment is safe, reliable and convenient.