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Why should you never leave your fuel cap open?

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If you have a lawnmower that runs on fuel, you will surely have a gas tank where the fuel is stored. The tank comes with an inlet for the fuel and has a cap covering the inlet. While it is quite normal to have the cap on, sometimes people forget to put it back on, especially after refueling the tank. This may seem like a negligible matter but you should never leave the gas tank open. Believe it or not, the fuel cap is an important part of your mower and you shouldn’t use your mower without it.


Importance of the fuel cap

The seemingly unimportant part plays an important role. There are many reasons why it should always be on the fuel tank and not anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

i. Fuel theft

Unless your lawnmower is stowed away securely after every use, you must ensure that the fuel tank is closed with the cap. If the lawnmower is kept in an open space, some vandal may creep in to steal the fuel. Keeping the cap open is an invitation to crooks lurking in your area. Some may even try and steal the lawnmower if it is a small one. So, to avoid tempting thugs out there, you should always put the cap on.

ii. Fuel loss

You may not even be aware of it, but keeping fuel cap open may result in loss of fuel. As you use the lawnmower over your backyard or any other area, the fuel may slosh out of the tank due to vibrations and uneven surface. You will not even notice it. Moreover, you can lose fuel due to evaporation as the engine heats up during use. All these mean that you will need more fuel for your lawnmower than you should.

iii. Fuel leaks

With the fuel cap, the pressure inside the tank remains optimal. But with the cap missing, it is impossible to maintain pressure with the tank. This can lead to fuel leaks which can be dangerous if you keep using the mower. Also, as fuel leaks, your loss will increase.

iv. Emission

The fuel cap prevents the vapors from coming out of the engine continuously. But when the cap is missing, the tank emits vapors consistently into the air as you use the mower. This can trigger the warning light and you may be forced into thinking that the engine is malfunctioning. Also, it will pollute the air around you.

v. Fuel contamination

If the fuel tank isn’t closed, contaminants can get in. This can be dirt, dust, fine grass, etc. that you rake up during mowing. Moreover, rain water can get in and make the fuel unfit for use. You will have to change the fuel when this happens or your mower will not work.

vi. Filter clogging

Unwanted particles that enter through the open cap can also gradually get stuck to the fuel filter present in your lawnmower. The more this happens, the faster the filters will get clogged. This means that you will have to clean or replace the filters more often than usual.

Fuel caps may not seem like much but there is no ignoring them. You should put it back on after you fill the tank every time. In case you have lost or misplaced it, there is nothing to worry. Fuel caps are easily available and do not cost a fortune. In fact, they are so cheap that you will not even have to have budget for them. You can find a cap at your local gas stations or you can simply order a fuel cap onlineThey are usually universal and you will have no problem find the perfect fit for your mower.

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