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Tell-tale signs that your lawnmower fuel filter is damaged or clogged

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If you love a well-manicured lawn, you cannot deny the importance of a lawnmower. It can trim grass to a height that suits your landscape, remove debris that affects the smooth grass coating, and help in eliminating pests that hide in the grass. It can save you hours of time and effort and make it easy to maintain a nice, natural carpet. Easy availability and affordable pricing make lawnmowers a preferred choice over manual mowing.

However, like any other machinery or tool, your lawnmower, too, consists of several components that can wear out or get damaged due to regular use. When that happens, you have to either fix them or get a new one so that you can keep using the mower. The fuel filter is one such component that you cannot ignore. It prevents debris or dirt from entering the carburetor. But regular use can cause damage or clogging of the fuel filter. When that happens, your lawnmower is at risk. So, you must understand when it is time to replace the filter.

When should you replace the fuel filter?

If you do not want a damaged or clogged filter to affect your mower’s functionality, you have to nip the problem in the bud. You have to look out for signs that the filter needs replacement. The following incidents will help you determine:

  • i.Reduced performance

If your mower hesitates or sputters while accelerating, a bad fuel filter may be at fault. The oil flows into the engine through the filter. A clogged filter will prevent the sufficient flow of oil into the engine. As a result, the engine will sputter or hesitate when you try to accelerate or put a heavy load onto your lawnmower. If this happens often while accelerating, you must check your fuel filter condition immediately.

  • ii.Engine misfires

This is a sign of extreme damage or clogging of the filter. Misfires happen because the engine cannot get enough fuel to burn. When that happens, the engine jerks and makes a popping sound. While there could be other reasons for a misfire, it is better to check your filter first for quick identification of the problem. If the filter is damaged or clogged, replacing it could solve the problem.

  • iii.Rough idling

Another sign of extreme damage could be rough idling. If a parked lawnmower is all shaky, you can consider this as a sign of filter clogging. A clogged filter will not permit enough fuel to pass into the engine and it can start to shake.

  • iv.Start-stop problem

If your lawnmower engine dies often during use, the fuel filter could be at fault. As soon as the engine goes limp, modern lawnmowers will show an error code. Stop your mower and try to diagnose the problem immediately. A clogged filter could be the cause of the problem. However, faulty injectors can also give out similar signals. So, before you replace the filter, check if the injector is functioning properly.

  • v.Engine doesn’t start

When a lawnmower doesn’t start because the engine isn’t firing up, it isn’t because the engine is faulty. If the filter is too dirty and doesn’t allow any oil to pass into the engine, your lawnmower may not start at all. So, before you tinker with the injector or carburetor, check the filter and you may be able to diagnose the problem easily.

If you see one or more of these signs, you shouldn’t continue using the lawnmower. You should immediately stop it and diagnose the actual problem. If the problem is with the filter, you should replace it immediately. You can buy a fuel filter online and throw away the existing one. Then, restart the lawnmower and it should be fine.

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