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Signs that your ignition coil is faulty

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Garden tools like brush cutters, grass trimmers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and others require an ignition coil. It is the ignition coil that amplifies battery voltage to produce the spark needed to ignite the fuel. As such, the coil is an important component of any ignition system and a faulty coil can affect the performance of the machine.
As with any other component, ignition coils, too, can wear out or get damaged and malfunction. When that happens, the spark plug will not work and the machine may be affected. That is why you should always lookout for signs of a faulty ignition coil. 

Signs to look out for
1. Difficulty in startingA common symptom of a faulty ignition coil is a problem in starting up the engine. Whether it is a lawnmower or brush cutter, if you are facing difficulty in firing up the engine, a damaged ignition coil may be the culprit. In absence of the high voltage that the coil produces, the spark plug will fail to function properly and you will need repeated efforts at starting. 

2. Misfires or backfiresIf your garden machine has backfired or misfired more than once in recent times, you must check the ignition coil for partial or complete damage. Backfires or misfires are not only dangerous for you but also harmful for the machine. So, if you see repetitive misfires, you must check the ignition coil immediately or you may end up with a damaged exhaust system. 

3. Machine stalling If your machine stops whenever you pause or stop, then chances are the ignition coil is malfunctioning. This is because a damaged ignition coil will send out irregular sparks to the plug and this may shut the engine down. 

4. Check light alertsA faulty ignition coil will affect the performance of the engine. It is quite possible that if you see a ‘check engine’ alert, it is because of a faulty coil. While there may be other reasons for the alert, the error code displayed will help you determine the actual problem. 

5. Engine doesn’t startThis is a sign of extreme damage to the ignition coil. When the coil is completely damaged and cannot produce higher voltage even after repeated tries, the engine will not start at all. There may be other reasons why an engine wouldn’t start, yet you must check out the ignition coil to find out the root cause. 

6. Low fuel economyIf you notice a drop in fuel economy, a damaged ignition coil may be the reason. When the coil fails to generate enough voltage, the engine compensates for it by using up more fuel. Naturally, your tank will empty up faster than it should and you will see your fuel costs go up. 

7. Oil leakToo much heating of the ignition coil can result in a crack in the coil casing. As a result, the oil present in the casing may leak out and you can see a fine trail of oil. 

8. Problem accelerating 
If you face problems accelerating, do check out the condition of the coil. If the coil is worn out or damaged, it may not be able to amplify the voltage enough to create acceleration. 

What to do if the ignition coil is damaged?
If you see one or more signs of coil damage in any of your garden machines, you must take action immediately. Test whether the coil is damaged or something else is causing the problems. You can easily run some checks at home. If the ignition coil has been damaged, you will need to buy ignition coil and replace the old one. You should be able to easily do this at home by following the instruction manual.

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