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Recommendations for safety and maintenance in the use of the lawn mower

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The lawnmower is a very useful machine , which allows to keep green areas in good condition. It is an equipment that due to the nature of its function, has various components and devices that require correct use and care, as well as the cutter itself.

There are electric and fuel models, designed for domestic and professional jobs respectively. In this note we will be detailing the advice to be followed in the field of safety and maintenance, for the proper use of a lawn mower , covering both models of the equipment.

Security advice

  • The machine should only be used to perform the task for which it was designed. Any other use may cause damage to the equipment, and pose a risk to the operator.
  • The mower should only be operated by qualified personnel.
  • Children should be prevented from playing with the appliance.
  • You must carefully read the instructions for use, to know the machine and its components.
  • The use of hearing protection is recommended when using the device.

Recommendations for electric models

  • The equipment should not be used in the rain or in a humid environment.
  • These models are not designed for commercial use, so they should not be tampered with.
  • Some models generate vibrations so rest periods must be taken.
  • In case the power cord is damaged, you must replace it.

Recommendations for fuel models

  • You must make sure to add fuel to the machine before starting work.
  • Taking into account that fuel is highly flammable, it must be stored in containers for this purpose.
  • Avoid smoking while refueling the mower .
  • In the event of a fuel spill, avoid starting the machine’s engine until all gases are dissipated.
  • Fuel caps and tanks must be replaced with care.
  • You must replace the defective silencers.

Electric lawn mower

Use tips

  • While using the machine, you must wear closed shoes and long pants.
  • Review the area to be worked in detail, and remove stones, wires, sticks and any object that could interrupt the passage of the lawnmower .
  • Before each use, check that the blades and their bolts are not worn or damaged. If so, they must be replaced.
  • It is advisable to cut the lawn only during the day, with good lighting.
  • Avoid working on wet grass.
  • When changing direction on slopes, you must be very careful when handling the device.
  • It is not advisable to work on slopes that are too steep.
  • If you need to pull or direct the equipment towards your body, do so with caution.
  • In case the mower needs to be moved, first make sure the blades come to a complete stop.
  • Do not use the equipment with damaged protectors, or without the safety devices.
  • Do not tilt the machine when starting the engine, except if the mower must be tilted to start. If this is the case, do not bend it more than necessary and lift only the part away from your body. Make sure you have both hands in the operating position before returning the appliance to the ground.
  • Keep your hands or feet away from the rotating parts of the cutter.
  • Keep people and animals away from the work area.
  • Wear eye protection with side cover and hearing protection.
  • Stop the engine of the equipment before crossing roads, gravels or streets.
  • Some models come with a safety lock, which you must turn on before activating the toggle bar.
  • If you strike a foreign object while mowing, immediately check the appliance for damage and make repairs as needed.
  • If the equipment starts to vibrate strangely, turn it off and check immediately.
  • It is recommended to cut on overlapping lines.
  • The lawnmowers swivel casters should not be used up and down hills.
  • If the grass catcher is made of cloth, empty it and wash it with water regularly for proper operation.

Recommendations for electric models

  • Before connecting the mower , check that the data on the nameplate is the same as that of the network.
  • The appliance must be powered by a suitable current device.
  • Make sure to only use suitable power cables that are no more than 45m in length, and that are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Always fully unwind cables before use.
  • Connect the motor following the instructions and keeping your body away from the blades.
  • Keep the power cord away from the blades of the appliance.
  • Adjust the cutting height only with the engine off and the power cord disconnected.

Recommendations for fuel models

  • Do not start the engine in closed spaces.
  • Turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire if you need to perform an equipment inspection or refuel.
  • Slow down while shutting down the engine.
  • Keep your body away from the muffler and other engine parts that tend to get hot during operation.
  • Disconnect the self-propeller before starting the engine.
  • Check the oil level before each use, and add oil if necessary.
  • When refueling, fill the tank to the bottom of the fuel filler neck.

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