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Prepare the mower for the season to avoid hot moments

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The grass began to grow, so it is necessary to look at the condition of our mower after the winter. Do not just solve the condition of the engine, the mower must be inspected in its entirety, the blade sharpened and balanced and the controls lubricated. A properly maintained machine will serve reliably throughout the season until the fall. We bring you practical tips on how to take care of the mower before the first mowing.

What is it all about to check and do when preparing the mower for the season?

In the spring, it is  very important to change the oil on the petrol mower . Always choose the oil recommended by the engine manufacturer, if it is not possible to buy the original oil, then there are many equivalents that are equivalent to the original oil. It is important not to use oils for cars, but the right type for an air-cooled engine. But many of you are wondering how to drain the oil out of the engine. First you need to warm it up a bit, so pour a little fresh fuel into the emptied tank and start the engine, let it run and go out after two minutes. Then you can get oil from the engine in basically two ways.

Either carefully tilt the mower to the side with the exhaust down, or suck in the lubricant with a special suction pump. It is also important to disconnect the spark plug terminal as part of maintenance. After the oil has drained, place the mower back on the wheels and fill the engine with the prescribed amount of recommended oil. Do not forget to check its quantity according to the instructions.

Also check the condition of the spark plug for the engine. If it is burned into the brick, that's fine, dark electrodes usually only indicate a clogged air filter, which you change every year. Do not forget to drive the carburettor after work, add a stabilizer to the fuel to reduce its weathering. Weathered fuel in the engine mixture preparation system causes carburetor damage and costly repairs if carburation is clogged by the biologist. This forms hard resin deposits and prevents the engine from running properly.

After completing the engine maintenance, proceed to further operations. The control bowden cables deserve attention. Use a lubricating spray to spray them on to achieve smooth operation and also to reduce control forces. When driving, it is advisable to remove the rear drive wheels once a year, dismantle the pinions, clean the space under them and fill them with Vaseline, which reduces wear, especially on the freewheel and the shaft on which the pinions are mounted.

The last step is to check the condition of the knife. Remove it from the motor shaft. Check the condition of the carrier shear caps, which must not be damaged. The center screw deserves lubrication with grease. Sharpen a blunt knife with a stand grinder, for example, but don't forget to balance. This is done simply by placing the sharpened blade on the inverted screwdriver through the center hole. If the knife pulls to one side, it is necessary to repeat the grinding on the heavier side. Once the knife is level, place it back on the carrier and tighten with adequate force.

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