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How to rebuild your lawn mower carburetor?

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It’s a common thing to fix your lawnmower engine. But in case some basic adjustments do not work-out, you might have to rebuild the carburetor. To rebuild any small engine carburetor, you need to have some prior knowledge. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Remove the Carburetor

First thing is to remove the spark plug. Then, you need to take care of the air cleaner assembly. Before you can disconnect the carburetor, make sure that either you close the fuel valve or use a clamp to stop the fuel drainage. In case your machine carburetor has an anti-after-fire device, make sure to disconnect the wire. Remove the pipe joint connecting the carburetor and engine block and then untie the mounting belt. Now disconnect the carburetor using the nuts and slide it off the studs. Make sure that you remember the governor spring position for easy reattachment.

2. Dismantle the float type carburetor

Normally your carburetor will have a very small fuel amount which might drip while you go through the rebuilding process. To store the dripping fuel and various small parts, using a clean bowl will be really handy. Now you need to remove the fuel bowl that’s usually attached using a mixture screw or a bolt.

Using a small pin, remove the float assembly and inlet valve along with the fuel bowl gasket. Now remove the throttle plate screws, the plate, and the foam seal as well. Then you will have to remove the choke plate and shaft in the same way. Identify the Welch pugs and prepare to remove them one by one. Next, use a carburetor screwdriver to remove the emulsion tube.

3. Check carburetor condition carefully

In this particular step, you will have to clean all the plastic and metal parts of your carburetor. Soak all the parts in a cleaner to remove grit. You can even use spray and then swipe to clean the dirt away. Make sure that you use quality cleaning agent to keep your carburetor clean and healthy.

4. Inspect mixture screws

Mixture screws play an important role in keeping your machine going. That is why it’s important that you soak them in a cleaner for at least 15 minutes to ensure zero dirt and non-metal build up inside. In case one of the tips of the screws has a bend or a ridge, you might have to replace that one.

5. Assembling the carburetor

To assemble your carburetor back to its original form, you will need to start with your Welch plugs. Use new Welch plugs and to install, use a pin punch. Make sure you do not hit the pin too hard with the hammer; otherwise it will damage the plug. Seal the edge using enamel nail polish. The next step will be to assemble the choke. Use a return spring inside the foam seal and slide it onto the choke shaft. Now attach the choke shaft with screws. Once done, you can start installing the inlet needle seat using a bushing driver. Then, install the inlet needle and assembly in your carburetor body. Insert center pin and hinge pin and install rubber gasket, along with the fuel bowl, bowl nut, and fiber washer.

6. Attach the carburetor

Use nuts and bolts to attach the carburetor and make sure that the beveled edge fits the fuel intake pipe. Once you have attached the carburetor, you can install the air cleaner assembly to keep your carburetor safe and fit.

So, now that you know how you can fix your lawn mower carburetor it might become handy to fix different types of small engine machines as well. But in case your carburetor is damaged, you can surely Buy Online Carburetor. There are plenty of quality service providers who sell carburetors online and with proper specifications; you will always receive the right carburetor for your garden machine. Just make sure that you compare the product and price of the same carburetor from different suppliers and buy the best one online!

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