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How to maintain your lawnmower?

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Do you love a soft carpet of grass in your backyard? It sure does feel nice. But the carpet doesn’t make itself. You have to trim and mow it regularly so that the grass doesn’t grow uncontrollably. A lawnmower makes the job easy. You do not have to spend hours trying to trim grass to a perfect height. A couple of minutes with your lawnmower and your backyard will be ready.  

That said, a lawnmower isn’t invincible. It is susceptible to wear and tear as you work it day after day. To ensure that your lawnmower doesn’t give in while in use, lawnmower maintenance is a must. It will keep the different parts in working condition for a long time and enhance the longevity of your garden tool. 

Simple methods to maintain your lawnmower

Lawnmower maintenance isn’t a difficult job. You do not have to call in a professional for this. DIY methods are quite simple and require minimum prior experience. You can easily do it with very little help. Here are a few things that you should do to keep your lawn mower up and running:

i. Follow the manual

Every mower comes with a manual. It not only contains instructions to use the lawnmower properly but also how to maintain it. Read the manual thoroughly and you will have the best idea of how to maintain your mower. Manufacturers know their products very well and that’s why their guide will be the best that you can have. 

ii. Change oil

Engine oil is the lifeline of your lawnmower. When the oil becomes black or gets filled with debris collected during mowing, you must change it immediately. Running the mower on wasted oil can damage the engine and result in costly repairs. 

iii. Change air filter

Another important part to take care of is the air filter. The filter prevents the entry of dirt or debris into the engine. With use, the filter can become clogged or damaged. When that happens, the filter must be changed or cleaned immediately or your mower may stop working. 

iv. Check the spark plug

If the mower doesn’t start even with enough oil and gas, the spark plug may be at fault. Spark plugs can get caked with the dirt during use. The buildup can prevent the plug from working normally. That is why you should clean the plug regularly for a smooth run of the mower. 

v. Keep the undercarriage clean

As you use the mower, grass and dirt can accumulate in the undercarriage. Over time, this can cause caking of the undercarriage and clog the discharge chute. Regular cleanup of the undercarriage is vital for the good health of the lawnmower. 

vi. Keep the blades sharp

It’s the blades that do all the work when you run the machine. Debris, branches, rocks – the blades have to endure a lot every time you use the mower. Naturally, they wear out very fast and the results of mowing get poorer with every use. Regularly sharpening the blades is essential if you want to get smooth cuts with the mower. 

vii. Treat the fuel

If you do not use your lawnmower very often, the fuel can get stale. Running your mower on stale fuel reduces its life. That’s why you should use a fluid stabilizer that will keep the fuel fresh and keep the engine healthy. 

viii. Check the wheels

You should keep a lookout for worn-out tires, wobbling parts, clogged axles, etc. at regular intervals. Make sure that the lawnmower is adjusted to a suitable height for smooth rolling. 

While regular maintenance can enhance the longevity of the various components, they can still wear out and give in after prolonged use. You have to check the parts at regular intervals to know when they need replacement. You can easily buy lawn mower parts online and replace them whenever needed.

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