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How to keep your snow blower winter ready?

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Most people love the winters. It brings in the season of love, warmth, and festivities. We can’t wait to have the family meals and all the fun and frolic the season brings in. But the elation dies away as we see a thick carpet of snow on our driveway, sidewalk, and everywhere. Shoveling out a few inches of snow may be no big deal. But when the snow is a feet deep and blocks your way every day, shoveling it out can be a sweaty affair.

But not with a snow blower! This nifty machine can easily move many inches of thick snow within minutes and with little or no effort at all. You will not only save time, but also put less strain on your body. That is why you must keep your snow blower ready even before the temperatures go south. A little maintenance can keep your snow blower in perfect condition so that you do not have to worry when the snow falls.

Simple snow blower maintenance tips

Taking care of your snow blower isn’t very difficult. You just need some basic idea about the machine and how to service it for better performance. For those who haven’t tried servicing your snow blower before, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure that you drain out the fuel and put it on recycle.

  2. Take off the carburetor and clean it thoroughly.

  3. Inspect the drive belts very carefully for signs of wear. If the belts are damaged beyond use, you will need to replace them. If you are fairly new at this, you may want to take pictures of the belt before removing them. That way, installing new belts would be easy.

  4. Keeping the snow blower in position and check the condition of the wheel bearings. The unbalanced force on the axle of the wheel causes rapid wear out of the bearings. You have to replace worn out bearings to keep the snow blower running.

  5. Another important part of snow blower maintenance is lubricating various moving parts of the machine. If you want your snow blower to run smoothly, you must lubricate the machine regularly, or at least, before the winters set in.

  6. Along with lubrication, greasing the hex shaft is also important.

  7. While getting the machine ready for the cold season, you should also check whether there is enough pressure in the tires. If not, make sure that you add enough pressure so that the machine doesn’t wobble.

  8. You should also check the condition of the tires and ensure that they are fit for the work in the upcoming season.

  9. Once you have checked these for damages and made the necessary replacements, it is time to check for the electrical components like the plugs, starter, etc.

  10. You should also check out the tension of the cables and levers. It shouldn’t be too much or too less or your machine will malfunction.

  11. Last, but not least, you should refill the engine oil and get gas for the tank. Make sure that you use winter-friendly fuel.

Following these few simple steps, you can easily ditch hiring a professional for servicing your snow blower, yet get it ready for the season. You can follow your machine’s user manual to get instructions about your snow blowers maintenance. You can also look for guidance from people you know or a local workshop. As for the parts that need replacement, you can buy Snow Blower Parts Online from a trusted store. This will save you both time and money and you start the maintenance work at your convenience.


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