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How to clean your lawnmower air filter?

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If you have a beautiful lawn, you pretty well know how important a lawnmower is for your lawn. It gives the perfect finish to your favorite lawn and keeps it tidy all year round. Thus, taking care of the mower is very important and you can do just that by cleaning the air filter regularly. The air filter protects the mower from debris and dirt raked up during mowing. A properly working air filter will prevent the entry of dirt into the engine and keep it working. Thus, cleaning the air filter from time to time is essential for the performance and longevity of your mower. 


Types of air filters

How you clean your air filter depends on the type of air filter that you have. Mowers usually have three types of air filters – foam, paper, and dual. 

Process 1 - Cleaning a foam air filter

  1. If you have a foam filter, you can follow the steps below to clean it:
  2. First, turn off the mower and ensure that all moving parts are static. 
  3. Then find out where the filter is located. You should usually find it near the engine top. 
  4. Go through the instruction manual that came with the product. It will contain instructions about how to clean that particular model.  
  5. Next, disconnect the wire of the spark plug and take the air filter out of the casing.
  6. You should then wash the filter with hot water and soap or diesel or gas. You can also clean with compressed air.
  7. Once you have removed the dirt and grease thoroughly, you should allow the filter to dry. 
  8. Next, allow the foam to soak enough motor oil. However, you should squeeze out any excess oil. 
  9. Clean the rubber casing thoroughly and check whether it has any tear. If there is no tear, place the foam in its place and seal the casing. If you see a tear or if the casing has come loose, you may have to replace it. 
  10. Reconnect the wire to the spark plug to have everything up and running. 

Process 2 - Cleaning a paper filter

  1. If your air filter has a paper filter, the following steps will help you clean it:
  2. Follow steps i-iv as given above. 
  3. Unlike a foam filter, a paper filter cannot be washed or rinsed. What you can do is try to clean the filter externally. 
  4. First, tap the paper filter against a hard surface like a wall to shake off any loose dirt and dust. 
  5. When that’s done, you can use your vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dirt that is still present on the filter. 
  6. Do this to both sides of the filter for proper cleaning. 
  7. Check the filter thoroughly and do spot cleaning if necessary. 
  8. Place the filter back into the casing and seal it tight. Reconnect the wire. 

Process 3 - Cleaning a dual filter

  1. If your lawnmower has a dual filter which many models have, the cleaning process will be a bit lengthy:
  2. Follow step i-iv from Process 1. 
  3. You have to then remove the foam filter that acts as a pre-cleaner. 
  4. Next, remove the paper filter. 
  5. Clean the foam filter as described in Process 1. 
  6. To clean the paper cartridge, follow the steps from Process 2. 
  7. Once you have cleaned both elements, put back the paper filter and the pre-cleaner exactly as they were. 
  8. Enclose the casing and reconnect the plug. 

Cleaning your lawnmower’s air filter isn’t a very difficult task. You just need to have some patience and you will be able to accomplish your goal. Remember that all air filters have a fixed lifespan and beyond that, you will have to replace them. When your air filter runs out of its course, you can buy an Air Filter Online and replace it.

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