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How to Choose a Leaf Blower: 5 Steps to Follow

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How to Choose a Leaf Blower: 5 Steps to Follow

Accompanying the winds and cold of autumn comes the obligatory cleaning of fallen leaves. Its elimination in small gardens and terraces is easy with rakes and brooms. However, urbanizations, public parks and large outdoor areas accumulate hundreds, thousands of kilos of litter at this time of year, for which a simple rake is insufficient. That is why many customers are wondering how to choose a best leaf blower tailored to their specific needs.

Choosing leaf blowers is a wise decision in these cases. Because these tools make it possible to group large masses of light weight organic waste, thus facilitating its collection. But in addition, blowers, whether electric, gasoline or battery, constitute a ‘panacea’ in cleaning tasks, due to their multiple applications.

And is that a cheap leaf blower allows to get rid of this waste not only in parks, gardens and other natural areas; It also develops this work on asphalt surfaces, such as avenues, squares, markets and lots used at fairs, festivals, etc. Since their noise levels are similar to road traffic, they contribute to social well-being, also reducing the presence of bacteria and mites, which recognize dead leaves as a safe haven.

Buying a leaf blower at Garden Machine Parts is a safe bet. Ducati, Makita, Garland, McCulloch, Karcher, Bosch and other prestigious manufacturers come together in our catalog of online cheap leaf blowers . And due to the variety of our offerings, many customers are wondering how to choose a quality leaf blower.

How to choose leaf blowers, step by step

To eliminate weeds , nothing more useful than brush cutters and other garden tools. But the accumulation of litter and other light debris requires another ally, the leaf blower. If you doubt about the model to choose, Here I will guide you in your purchase process, through a simple step by step:

Step 1. How to choose the model of leaf blowers to buy: electric, battery or gasoline?

Deciding on one type of leaf blower is challenging. Due to its design and performance, each model contains unique qualities. The blowers battery , first highlighted in comfort, lightness and autonomy. They allow cleaning large areas of land, without dealing with cables or extension cords. Likewise, they are silent, highly respectful with nature and little annoying; therefore, for the family, the neighbors or the pedestrians.

How to choose the model of leaf blowers to buy: electric, battery or gasoline?

The blowers electric sheets , in turn, require minimal maintenance and share with previous lightness and portability. Due to their dependence on generators and other power sources, these models lose mobility and comfort. Nor do they shine in power; nor are they the most comfortable to use in densely wooded spaces, where extension cords and cables become an annoying obstacle.

Less environmentally friendly are gasoline blowers , a traditional solution that, despite the rise of lithium batteries, continues to be the most popular with consumers. The reason? They are more versatile tools, more complete than the electric and battery models. These blowers operate with large displacement 2 and 4-stroke engines, guaranteeing a high power, enough to clean large masses of leaves on plots, farms and lots.

Of greater weight than the previous ones; Gasoline blowers offer superior performance, saving time and hassle. Hence, these models are candidates for the best leaf blower on the market.

Step 2. What is the ideal power?

The power of a leaf blower ranges from 1,000 W to 4,500 W. Electric and battery-powered models, for example, are generally limited to 2,800 W. While gasoline blowers can reach 5,000 W —aspect that must be analyzed, in this type of blower, together with the displacement.

It is advisable to opt for a power adapted to your own needs. Are you planning to get rid of the litter of gardens and family terraces? The electric blowers flights have a power sufficient for these tasks. Do you need something stronger? Consider gasoline blowers, assuming their higher energy consumption.

Step 3. How is the capacity of your bag?

Bag capacity is an essential aspect when choosing a leaf blower with a vacuum function. Because that accessory has limitations that range between 20 and 50 liters. A bad decision would cause serious problems. Opting for a small bag would hinder the cleaning of large farms, due to the need to empty it too often. A large capacity bag would generate, when cleaning small gardens, an additional weight, unjustified for such a surface.

How is the capacity of your bag?

Hence the importance of choosing the capacity of the bag depending on the surface to be cleaned. But also, the power (discussed in the previous step) influences this decision. As usual; small bags are incompatible with high powers, which would exhaust their capacity in a short time.

Step 4. Is its weight and portability adequate?

Running leaf blowers for one, two, or three hours is physically taxing. Weight and transportability are correlated values ​​in these tools: the heavier they are, the more difficult they are to transport and, therefore, the lower their manageability. These parameters, however, vary depending on the model chosen.

Battery-powered and electric leaf blowers; for example, they have a minimum weight of 3 to 5 kg, enjoying unsurpassed transportability. The cleaning of gardens and small farms is compatible with these models. But its power and autonomy are; on the contrary, lower than those of gasoline blowers , more suitable for working on large surfaces that require greater performance and mobility. However, the weight of a gasoline leaf blower can exceed 10 kg; a disadvantage that makes transport difficult and makes the presence of adjustable harnesses, handles and straps essential. The comfort of use will depend; therefore, of the ergonomics of these accessories.

Step 5. Are its features tailored to your needs?

The best leaf blowers are distinguished by their performance, by adding that extra efficiency and functionality; so valued among discerning consumers. The electronic starter, for example, makes it easier to start, reduces effort and speeds up; therefore, the work done. An anti-vibration design; for its part, it adds comfort to the blower, since vibrations cause, in the medium-long term. A bodily discomfort that can also aggravate low back pain problems, muscle pinching, etc.

 Are its features tailored to your needs?

To enjoy greater control and manageability, quality leaf blowers have speed regulators, responsible for reducing or maximizing suction power. This feature is particularly useful when cleaning different surfaces. If the litter is mixed with pebbles, twigs or fruits, reducing the power will save us eliminating these residues from the bag. If the blades cover a large area of ​​lawn, increasing the power will speed up this cleaning task. With all this; you may be able to know how to choose a leaf blower, perfectly suited to your needs and practical.

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