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How to change the oil at the mower

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Like the car engine, the mower engine needs to change the oil from time to time . Come and see for yourself that it's not complicated.  

Instructions on how to change the mower oil

  1. First, warm up the mower engine by running it for a few minutes. Heating the oil will make it easier to change and it will also be easier to get all the old oil out of the machine.
  2. Clean the area around the filling hole with a clean cloth.
  3. Prepare a container to catch the old oil. 
  4. Remove the filler oil cap, tilt the mower to the side and pour the old oil out into the prepared container. Do not rush this step and wait for all the old oil to drip from the mower.
  5. Pour new oil into the tank. When topping up, check the level regularly with a dipstick to prevent overflow.
  6. Close the filling opening with the lid - done!

How to change the oil on a mower with an oil filter

Perform the first two steps first. Prepare a small container that will fit under the oil filter. As soon as you unscrew it, the old oil is poured out. Lubricate the seal of the new oil filter with oil - this thin layer of oil ensures tightness. Install a new oil filter instead of the old one and tighten it firmly. You can now add new oil.  

How to drain the oil from the mower

Prepare a container for collecting old oil, unscrew the tank cap and simply pour out the oil by tilting it.

Amount of oil in the mower

You will find the exact amount of oil you will need when changing it in the operating instructions. When replacing, be careful not to overfill. Check the oil level regularly.

How to change the oil at the mower


Mower oil change

How often to change the oil in the mower

Most mowers require an oil change every 20-50 hours of operation. The instructions always state how often it is advisable to change the oil in the mower. The mower oil should be changed annually for seasonal maintenance.

What to do if there is too much oil in the mower

Too much oil in the mower can damage the engine and if it leaks, it can also damage other parts of the mower. If there is too much oil in your mower, unscrew the tank cap and drain the excess oil. If oil has already leaked inside the mower, have it repaired by a specialist.

Collect the oil in a suitable container and clean the mower thoroughly. After draining the oil, replace the oil filter with a new one.

Overfilling the mower with oil can be prevented by reading in the instructions how much oil needs to be given to the mower. 
Now you know how to change the oil on the mower, how often to change the oil on the mower and how to deal with overfilling or changing the oil on the mower with an oil filter. You can conveniently buy mower oils filter. We wish you a lot of beautifully cut grass.  

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