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How to care for your garden tiller?

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Want to use your backyard to grow your garden? Well, you have to make the soil ready by tilling it. However, doing so manually will require a lot of effort which is why you should use a garden tiller. Buying one is easy as you can get them at any online store. What is important is how you care for your tiller. Like any other garden tool, your tiller, too, requires proper maintenance to work well for a long time to come. Here a few tips that can help you take care of your tiller:

i. Keep the tiller clean
If you want your tiller to perform well, you must keep it clean. A tiller collects a lot of mud, dirt, and dust while working with your soil. This can cake the open components of the tiller and hamper its performance. That’s why it is best to clean the tiller after every session. You can use water to flush out any dirt or dust deposited. Sometimes, tillers also gather roots and vines from the soil that get round up against the axle. Make sure that you remove them.

ii. Change engine oil
The performance of any machine depends a lot on its engine. That’s why you should refill engine oil each year so that it gets clean lubricant every time. This will take care of engine health and improve its longevity. Make sure that you properly dispose of the used oil.

iii. Change the air filter
Just as the engine oil gets contaminated with particles with every use, so does the air filter. A clogged filter can affect the performance of the tiller and may even halt you mid-way. It is recommended that you change the air filter every year or every 18-20 hours of use. This will keep the filter clean enough to prevent the entry of dirt and dust into the engine.

iv. Sharpen the blades
The tiller blades or tines do the main work of loosening the soil to make it ready for plantation. Naturally, they wear out over time and lose their sharpness. Dull blades or tines reduce the productivity of the tiller and you may need to work it more to get the ground ready. That’s why sharpening the tines at regular intervals is a must. Your garden tiller will work much better if the blades are sharp enough.

v. Check the cables
Like other components, the cables to the tiller require maintenance too. These cables are usually for controls like gas adjustments, lever actions, reverse, and clutch. With time, these cables wear out which means you will lose control of these functions.

vi. Keep the tank dry
Before you put aside the tiller for the next season, make sure that you have used up all the oil. If that is impossible, you should buy a fuel stabilizer and add it to the fuel in the engine. This will prevent the fuel from turning stale while it is not in use.

vii. Store it well
How you store your tiller will go a long way in determining its purpose. When not in use, the tiller should be stored in a cool and dry place. Make sure that you keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight.

viii. Replace worn out parts
With time, various parts of the tiller will wear out. This may include air filters, cables, bolts, spark plug, drive belts, etc. When they do, you must replace them to continue using your tiller. Replacing various parts of the tiller is an easy job and anyone can do it. You just have to buy the appropriate Garden Tiller Parts Online and replace them following the instruction manual that you received with the product.

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