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DIY guide to fixing your lawnmower fuel pump

Posted by LiDu on

If you use a gas-powered lawnmower, it is quite obvious that you know that it includes a fuel pump that is used to pump the fuel into the carburetor. This will, then, be used to power the machine, in this case, your lawnmower. So, the performance of the fuel pump decides the performance of your lawnmower. If the fuel pump is faulty or malfunctioning, your lawnmower may not work well or stop working altogether. If that happens, you will have to fix the fuel pump before you can use the mower again. You can ask a professional to do it for you or you may try your hand at DIY. Fixing a fuel pump is no big deal and doesn’t require too many tools or experience. 

Equipment that you need

  1. Crescent wrench
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Pliers


If you think that the fuel pump on your lawnmower is malfunctioning, here’s what you can do to repair it:

  1. Locate the pump 

    Before you do anything, you have to first find out where the fuel pump is. You can usually find the fuel pump at the following locations:

    • On the engine
    • On the carburetor
    • Between the carburetor and the tank
    • Near the fuel tank

    Once you have determined the location of the pump, you will see two rubber tubes running from it, connecting it to the carburetor and the gas tank. A wire connected to the pump indicates that it runs on electricity. In that case, you should first check whether the pump is getting the correct electric power to run it. You can use a voltmeter for this purpose. If any problem is found, you can replace or repair the wire. 

  2. Test the pump

    Next, you need to find out whether it’s the pump that’s malfunctioning. That’s why you have to test the fuel pump. To do that, disconnect the rubber tube that runs into the carburetor. Turn the power on and check if you can see spurts of gas coming out of the line. If you do not see any spurt, the fuel pump is faulting. 

  3. Determine the problem 

    If you find out that the problem is with the fuel pump, you have to next determine what exactly the problem is. For this, you have to take out the pump from the mower using the tools mentioned above. Remove the screws carefully and keep them aside. Make sure that you are gentle with the casing. Once the casing is open, check for any damage, bent, or breakage in the parts of the pump. Also, look for foreign particles lodged within pump parts. Debris or sand can be removed using a small brush whereas removal of resin deposits will require a resin solvent. These particles usually jam the parts of the pump, thus hampering its performance. 

  4. Reassemble the pump 

    After you have cleaned the pump and replaced or repaired any damaged part, you have to reassemble the parts of the pump using the screws. Make sure that the seals and casing are intact while reassembling the fuel pump. Once the pump is in its original position, reconnect the wires and rubber tubes except for the one that runs to the carburetor. 

  5. Retest the pump

    Follow the same process as in point ii to retest the functioning of the fuel pump. If spurts come out, your pump should be back to work. You can connect the rubber tube to the carburetor and use the mower. If not, the problem hasn’t been solved and you need professional help. 

    If there has been significant damage to any part of the fuel pump, you may be required to buy a new one. You can easily order a Fuel Pump Online and have it installed. 

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