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Benefits Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower

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A lightweight leaf blower can be a useful tool in any home. They typically provide utility in a number of situations, in addition to the more common use of cleaning the driveway or leaf deck. Additionally, they can be used in a similar way to clean gutters, equipment, clear ice on sidewalks or driveways, and also dry up puddles at driveways.

A cordless lightweight leaf blower uses a battery to operate. As they are wireless, they can be used anywhere without limitations and also fully charge in just one hour. In addition, they are portable, lightweight and very useful tools to keep your home environment clean.

Benefits Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower

Cordless Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

Cordless leaf blowers are more popular than ever. When you consider all the benefits of today’s cordless leaf blowers, it’s easy to see why.

For the economically (and green) minded consumer, cordless blowers are a great tool for cleaning leaves and debris for several reasons:

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • No emissions
  • Silent operation

However, thanks to recent innovations, today’s cordless leaf blowers can be almost as powerful as gas leaf blowers. So what should you look for when buying one?

Low maintenance lithium ion battery

Lithium-ion battery Because they don’t run on gasoline, battery-powered leaf blowers are easy to maintain. There is no fuel to refill, there is no oil level to check, and there is no spark plug to replace.

Instead, today’s cordless blowers are powered by powerful lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries with voltages between 18V and 120V, depending on the blower model. Lithium-ion batteries offer several advantages over older Ni-Cad batteries:

Up to 50% lighter

  • Provides constant power even when battery charge runs out
  • It can be recharged more times over the life of the battery.

However, keep in mind that cordless leaf blowers drain your battery faster than any other portable garden power tool. This is why cordless blowers don’t work like portable leaf vacuums – today’s batteries can’t provide the power needed to suck up debris.

When shopping for a cordless blower, look for the following information:

  • The estimated operating time of the battery at full power
  • The amount of time the battery takes to recharge.

To save time instead of waiting until the battery is fully charged before using the blower, consider purchasing a battery backup so you can work without waiting.

Brushless motor

Brushless Motor The motor is the part of a cordless leaf blower that takes the power provided by the battery and uses it to power the work the blower does.

Traditional motors transmit the battery charge through carbon brushes. This can be ineffective as some of the load is lost due to friction.

To overcome this inefficiency, modern brushless motors use magnets to help transmit a load without parts coming into contact. The result for cordless leaf blower users is consistent power output that can be on par with the power of gas leaf blowers.

For a blower that provides consistent performance, look for a brushless motor cordless leaf blower.

Silent operation

Shindaiwa BlowerFuel emissions aren’t the only type of pollution that leads some homeowners to consider cordless leaf blowers. Noise pollution is a negative quality that some people associate with leaf blowers, particularly gasoline-powered models.

Battery-powered leaf blowers are designed to reduce all types of pollution, even loud noises. The quietest models can operate at noise levels of around 57 to 60 decibels, making them quieter than many vacuums.

Before you buy, see if your cordless leaf blower has a noise rating so you can determine how appreciative your neighbors will be.

Light and easy to carry

Redback blower with carry handle Due to their batteries, cordless leaf blowers will weigh slightly more than corded electric leaf blowers. However, without fuel tanks and heavy duty gas engines, they are likely to be lighter than many gasoline blowers.

Many cordless leaf blowers weigh about 5-10 pounds. When shopping for a cordless leaf blower, be sure to check the weight of the machine with and without the battery in place.

Even if a blower weighs 10 pounds with a battery, it will still give you the untethered freedom to roam your property and keep it clean and free of debris year-round.

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