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8 Essential Tools for Gardening 2021

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It is very easy to buy anything and everything for gardening tools when you are just starting out.

The latest equipment promises a new level of expertise unmatched before, not to mention ease of use. But these things can take up a lot of space in your garden shed (if you have one), cost you a lot of money, and be way too specialized for what you want to grow in your vegetable patch. Instead, it's best to focus on purchasing the basic gardening tools that can help you with almost all of your gardening needs.

 1) Gloves

While gardening can be a wonderful pastime, it can quickly turn into a thorny, scaly hassle without a good pair of gloves. Make sure you buy a durable pair that doesn't get too bulky. Keep them away from too much sun, moisture, and insects when you are not using them.

2) A transplanting shovel or trowel


Transplanters are ideal for planting, digging in corners, and removing weeds. If your gardening budget allows, get a hand forged stainless steel trowel or at least one with a stainless steel head. This will ensure durability and longevity.

 3) A spade

These short-handled square shovels make it possible to dig holes for plants and move small piles of soil from one area to another. Take a shovel with a solid steel head and a thick fiberglass handle. This tool can be quite expensive, but a good shovel will last for long gardening seasons!

 4) a rake

When leaves and debris fall, your sturdy, inexpensive plastic rake is there to take them away. An essential tool indeed, you will not be disappointed with the cleanliness of your garden.

5) A hoe

Your type of garden will dictate which type of hoe will be best for you. A vegetable garden may require a sturdy and fairly large hoe. If you have a garden with perennial plants, a more delicate touch will be needed and a thinner hoe may be needed.

6) A long hose with a spray gun

Water is the basis of the life of your garden. It is imperative that your hose can manage to water all areas of your garden. The adjustable nozzle allows you to control the water pressure. And with the retractable garden hose, struggling to wind a hose is a thing of the past.

  7) Secateurs and branch cutters

If you have something in your garden that needs to be pruned, like trees or shrubs, you will soon need a pair of sturdy pruning shears, capable of removing branches up to a diameter of 5 cm, this essential tool should be in every shed.

 8) a wheelbarrow

If your garden is large enough, if you use compost, or if you have a lot of work to do in your garden yourself, you are an ideal candidate for a wheelbarrow. A two-handed wheelbarrow costs around € 80 and can help you haul hundreds of kilograms of soil!

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